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Valley kids Nursery School in Strubens Valley Roodepoort is open Monday - Friday 6:00AM to 6:00PM
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Our Childrens Safety

No Cash is to be brought to Valley kids Nursery School please.We will take Deposit Slips and EFT payments.Our children's safety is of high priority they are our countries future leaders!

Very Important  to all new inquiring parents to Valley kids school.An appointment is to be made first and under no circumstances will anybody be allowed to enter the premises without an appointment.

Hi there I'm Beverley most of you have met me either on the road or outside painting the murals on the wall of Valley kids nursery school. Well let me tell you a little bit about who I am and Valley kids. I myself like all you wonderful parents am a proud mother of two beautiful children Ryan and Sharlene and proud wife to Chris. My daughter lives in Kwazulu Natal. My son heads up all our marketing whilst my husband does all the maintenance. Valley kids nursery school is family run with family values being of highest importance.

I come from a humble background and believe that education is a vital part of developing skills needed to function in this challenging World of ours. I've been a nursery school teacher for the past 5 years at different nursery schools in Gauteng helping children learn and have fun. Our children are our future and like late Mr Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World". I believe our children are our lasting legacy of who we are and what we leave behind. 

Valley kids nursery school has been my dream for many years now and has taken some hard work and dedication to make this dream a reality. I realized some time back that caring for children was my passion and I knew that having that passion for childcare would later give me the drive and ambition to establish what you now see as Valley kids nursery school. My goal for Valley kids nursery school is to provide fun learning for your child in a safe; loving; stimulating and nurturing environment that facilitates learning. To help them grow and develop into your lasting legacy!

Valley kids Nursery School Strubens Valley Roodepoort mission statement:

  • To love and care for your child as if he or she were our own!
  • To provide safe, secure and nurturing environment for your child!
  • To keep your child healthy and active with good food great play time!
  • To have fun at all times and make learning fun!
  • To make every day an adventure!

I look forward to meeting and creating new relationships with you and your children. See you soon!

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Valley kids is a Proudly South African
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