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Valley kids learning principles

Valley kids will help your child exercise all of their senses

Valley kids will provide children with the opportunity to use not only their physical senses but also exercise the emotional and aesthetic parts of their being. As human beings we are endowed with the ability to experience a variety of emotions. We may not always welcome some of the emotions that children express, but experiencing them is part of what it means to be fully human. The role of the teacher is to help children accept these emotions and learn how they can be expressed in socially acceptable ways. It is also important to provide children with the opportunity to have a variety of aesthetic experiences. We expose children to music, art, and language that can speak to their feelings and emotions.

Valley kids will help your child with problem solving

In order to construct their understandings of how the physical and social worlds work, children need the opportunity to engage their minds with meaningful challenges and problems. Meaningful problem solving also occurs when children experience interpersonal conflicts with their peers. When these conflicts arise, our teachers will provide support and encourage children to work out their own solutions to the problems rather than having a solution simply imposed on them thus children begin to develop a sense of control and efficacy when they are able to work out their own solutions.

Valley kids help your child make choices

A child’s development as an autonomous learner, who is motivated to inquire, explore, and experiment in order to solve meaningful problems, depends on them having the opportunity to make choices. We give your child as many opportunities as possible to encounter manageable choices that fall within their competencies. This allows your child to feel in control of their experience and to have a vested interest in the outcome of their activity.

Valley kids children will experience alternative perspectives

Children need the opportunity to experience alternative perspectives, both within the physical world and within the social world. The materials and activities at Valley Kids are designed to encourage children to view things from different perspectives and to consider all angles. Social interaction sets the stage for children to experience the varying opinions expressed by their peers. In addition, celebrating the cultural differences that exist in our society exposes children to the varying ways in which people live their lives.

Valley kids we respect

Positive teacher-child relationships are built on the respect the teacher has for the child. Valley Kids teachers demonstrate respect for the individuality and humanity of all the children in their care, respect for the developmental journey of the child, and respect for the family and cultural backgrounds of each child. Teachers serve as important models for the children in terms of demonstrating respect for other people, exhibiting curiosity in the world around them, cooperating with other staff members (and children), using appropriate language when expressing ideas and feelings and in communication with other people.

Valley kids we respond to your child’s interests

Valley Kids teachers spend time observing and interacting with children, making note of the interests that are being expressed in their play and activities, and then planning the environment and activities based on these interests for all the children creating a fun learning environment.

Valley kids we observe and document your child's activities in all aspects

It is a priority that our teachers spend time observing your child's activity in order to understand the interests, needs, and capabilities of the individual child so that we can best respond to those needs. Documenting your child's efforts and activities through notes, running records are important ways of reflecting on the child's development and communicating with parents about the daily experiences of your child.

Valley kids we strive to provide your child with exceptional learning

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